A Lovely Day

Today has been a lovely day.  We haven’t done anything special; I finished my essays at the start of the week so it was the first day when I wasn’t feeling guilty about work that needed doing, which in turn results in guilt about not focusing enough on the children.  Sam went to the library to work, Harry, Isolde and I went for a walk.  They both had shiny new wellies on, the sun was shining and we hunted for dinosaurs and the Gruffalo.  We didn’t find them, but there were plenty of dogs and a horse to keep us entertained.  Then the rain came, Isolde fell over in the mud: Isolde does not like mud!  We went to my parents’ house for a clean-up and some food then came home.  Exhausted they napped; I made chocolate cake; they ate nearly all of their tea, including some vegetables; we had chocolate cake; read a story; they went to bed; I didn’t shout at them, or get stressed at all, all day.

Over the past few days I have heard of two friends of friends, same age as me, diagnosed with cancer.  It shouldn’t take something like this to kick me into gear to appreciate the little things, and make the most of every day but, as I am sure with a lot of people, I forget.  Forget how lucky I am that I, and everyone I love, for now, is healthy; lucky to have two gorgeous children and a wonderful husband; just lucky.  I remembered this morning on our walk, even after the rain and the mud.  What a lovely day.

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