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23. Visit a farm

farm3 farm2 farm1






We all enjoy visiting farms and have done so all over the country; Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh, Trethorne Farm in Devon and Ashford Farm near Ludlow with Grandad and Granny and Tatton Park nearer to home.

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15. Play in the Snow


We have only had one day of snow this winter on but, luckily, it was on a day when nobody had to work so we went out to play on Tor Hill.  Isolde loved it and stayed out with Daddy after Harry wanted to go home!

The National Trust 50 things

19. Play Pooh Sticks













We regularly go for a walk across the road, past the chickens and over the railway bridge.  En route, there is a perfect Pooh Sticks Bridge!

The National Trust 50 things


1. Climb a Tree

IMG_20150426_111158127_HDRIMG_20150426_111757497Isolde loves to climb trees!  She has hugged and climbed trees in many different places including Quarry Bank Mill (pictured) and Uncle Trevor’s garden in Cardiff.  I am sure as her legs get longer, she will continue to get more adventurous!

The National Trust 50 things


28. Climb a huge hill

2015-04-17 (4)2015-04-17 (2)

One day when I was in work and Harry was in nursery, Isolde and Daddy climbed the whole way to the top of Tor Hill.  It is a big hill for a full sized person, but, when you aren’t even two, it is a huge hill!

The National Trust 50 things

4. Build a Den

20150410_165407 20150410_165412On a trip to Dunham Massey, we had great fun building a den together with Harry and Isolde taking an active role in moving and placing the logs.

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31. Hunt for Bugs

11025784_10155286186320515_5684023690021975054_n 603721_10155286188680515_336711126279912029_nIsolde loved spying through her magnifying glass while walking around the gardens at Quarry Bank Mill.  It was a happy coincidence her magnifying glass was the same colour as her hair!

The National Trust 50 things

23. Visit a farm

Issy's first visit to a farm

Issy’s first visit to a farm

Isolde has actually visited two farms in her life.  The first was on holiday in Northumberland when, to be honest, she didn’t have a particularly interactive role but mainly slept while seeing the animals in Harry’s big fleece as it was a bit chilly.  The second time was at Tatton Park during the short warm spell this summer.  She enjoyed that more and I am sure next time she will be even more interactive!

The National Trust 50 things

Isolde’s introduction to no. 21, picking blackberries in the wild

Isolde with a lot of blackberry juice on her nose.

The look of innocence is of no help with that much blackberry juice on her nose!

Isolde came blackberrying last year at about 6 weeks old but slept through the whole experience.  Although this year she would have been keen to walk that would have slowed us down rather so she was confined to the carrier.  She therefore has not achieved no. 21 but was a very successful taste tester and I am sure will properly tick this off her “things to do” list next year!

The National Trust 50 things

Isolde’s National Trust 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4

As a family, we are members of The National Trust.  I saw this advertised in the toilets at Formby on a family day out and thought it sounded like a really good idea so we are starting from now to tick off as many fun things as we can!

The National Trust 50 things