Isolde Louise

Name:  Isolde Louise

The meaning of my name is:  Isolde was an Irish princess betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall.  She fell in love with one of Arthur’s knights Tristan which nearly brought down the kingdom of Cornwall and lead to their deaths.  Tristan und Isolde was an opera by Wagner and although Isolde is an uncommon name, there are variants of it in many countries.

The pronunciation of Isolde causes many heated debates but would appear to depend on which language you use when saying it.  In German it is pronounced Ee-zold-uh, the original Celtic spelling is Iseult (ee-suhlt).  In French it is pronounced ee-zold with no final syllable and this is how I pronounce my name.  This if for no reason other than that Mummy and Daddy like this pronunciation!

The meaning of the name Isolde is from the pan-Celtic root word seullt (to gaze upon) or Welsh syllt (fair to look upon) + y (the), the beautiful one, in a physical sense.

Why I am called this:  Mummy and Daddy are both fans of Arthurian legend and learned of the legend of Tristan and Isolde by watching the film.  They then read further about it and decided it was a pretty name with a good story.

Date of Birth:  25th July 2013

Star Sign:  Leo

Favourite Thing: Percy the Penguin

Number One Film: Anything with fairies or princesses in it!

Favourite TV Programmes:  Old Jack’s Boat

Best Songs:  Let Her Go by Passenger

Top Book:  What the Ladybird Heard

Yummiest food:  Salmon, or anything except egg…oh and not too fond of cake either!

I get excited when:  I’m tipped upside down or play hide and seak

Number One Toy:  Plastic bird from Auntie Lou and Percy the Penguin from Daddy