Harry Samuel

Name:  Harry Samuel

The Meaning of my name is:  Home ruler, a derivative of Henry

Why I’m called this:  I am named after my great grandfather and it was also a name that Mummy and Daddy liked very much

Date of Birth:  3rd December 2011

Star Sign:  Sagittarius

Favourite Thing: Simba

Number One Film: The Lion King

Favourite TV Programmes:  Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Swashbuckle

Best Songs:  Circle of Life, Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

Top Book:  The Gruffalo, How Dinosaurs learn colours and numbers,  Rabbit Ears

Yummiest food:  Cake, Pasta, Toast,

I get excited when:  They sing “Hey ho, Swashbuckle and go…take on the pirates ho ho ho!  Eye patch, eye patch, pirate hat, pirate hat, Swashbuckle cheer!  Ah hoy!!”, I see a lion, anything to do with pirates or running and chasing games

Number One Toy:  Tie between Simba and new dinosaur from Chester Zoo